The new CD has arrived and I will be setting up a link to buy physical copies through PayPal.

the CD has 10 tracks and most of them were inspired by friends and Family

I thought I would give a bit of info about the tracks and titles.

The Mouse Commute: This was written for a furry friend who had decided to set up a nest in my car. I rarely saw him, but there was evidence of his regular visitation in the form of leaves and nesting materials. I like to think that he joined me on my journey from my home to work at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow. When he was there I imagine he saw the sights and perhaps enjoyed some of the local cuisine before climbing back in for the journey home.

The Ballad of Future Joe: My son Finlay who is a constant source of inspiration, knew a boy called Joe in his class. Joe had shoulder length blonde curly hair. One day a few years ago while walking home an older boy with similar hair walked past us. Finlay tugged my arm and said “Daddy ..thats Joe... from the future”.

Snood Dude: Finlay likes Snoods, sometimes he wears more than one prompting his friends to refer to him as the ‘Snood Dude’.

The Waiter: “How big is the biggest Waiter” says Fin. aged 4 “ Eh... I dunno I suppose it depends” I say .“No but how big is the biggest waiter in the world” says Fin.. “Eh ... Im not sure... I suppose it depends on how big the person thats waiting is?” I say, confused and trying to concentrate on my driving. “What? “ says Fin..”The biggest waiter..for waiting things” he makes a gesture as if holding something heavy. “Oh I see.” I say “a ‘Weighter’.. for ‘weighting’ things?” “Yes finally!” he says “So how big is the biggest one?”

The Mighty Flo: This one is for my daughter Flora who is just mighty in every way.

Caribé’s Cachaça Capers: This one is for Mario . There’s always the real possibility of hilarity and silly behavior when he turns up at a gig with a bottle of Brazilian Cachaça.

Nuages: A beautiful tune by Django Reinhardt. In 2018 my ‘Blue Monday’ concert with the entire jazz student cohort of the RCS was entitled ‘Deconstructing Django’. I did my best to creatively arrange Django’s compositions. I liked the way this one ended up so here it is.

If a Tree Falls: (and nobody likes it on Facebook, does it really exist and is it socially relevant) I have trouble with social media.

Blues Shoes: Shoes sometimes give me the Blues, especially in large numbers. This , however is about a pair of shoes that like the blues. It’s a blues.

Sisyphus: A metaphor for trying to sustain a long career as a musician.



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