Ibanez AS200 (1985)

Levinson Blade R4

G&L ASAT BluesBoy

Ibanez AF95

D’Angelico EX-SS

Yamaha Nylon Strung

Frameworks Modern Classic

Eastman 503 CE

Larivee’ LR09

Fylde Oberon


Peterson Guitar Special

ZT Club

ZT Lunchbox

AER Compact 60

ISP Stealth

DV MARK Micro 50

Quilter 100 Reverb

MESA BOOGIE 50/50 Power Amp

Marshall Valve State 40/40

Orange Micro Crush

For me equipment has generally been a means to an end. For years I only played my 1985 Ibanez AS200 through a Peterson guitar special. Then I got a Levinson Blade R4 and a few other things.

Cabs: Two Ranald MacArthur custom 10” Cabs with Jensen Neo’s

DV Mark Neo 12

Various effects, mainly EQ and some reverbs, this is what I have on my pedalboard at the moment.

Boss DD20

Empress Para EQ

TC Electronics HoF

Joyo Vintage Overdrive

Beringher Super Octaver

Errnie Ball Volume Pedal



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