Peter Johnstone: Organ

Kevin MacKenzie: Guitar

Doug Hough: Drums

Laundry Room Music 2021

The Ballad of Future Joe.

Kevin MacKenzie: Guitar

Mario Caribe: Bass

Alyn Cosker: Drums

2019 Laundry Room Music

Undertime a CD of standatrds all recorded in one take. Tracks include Giant Steps and a Child is Born

2014 Laundry Room Music

Revenge of the Hammer Ladies. Original compositions from Kevin and Loren Stillman with Dave Ambrosio Bass and Martin France drums. 2015 Laundry Room Music

Kevin MacKenzie

‘East of East 7th Street.’ (2009)

Featuring Ben Perowsky, Boris Kozlov and Donny McCaslin

Midnight Without You: Arrangements of the Music of the Blue NIle.

2014 Laundry Room Music

Kevin Mackenzie’s Vital Signs : ‘Another New Horizon’ (2004 )

Phil Bancroft:Tenor Sax

Tom Bancroft:Drums

Simon Thoumire:Concertina

Chris Stout:Fiddle

Aidan O’Rourke:Fiddle,

Martin Kershaw: Alto Sax

Tom Lyne: Bass

Chick Lyall: Piano

Kevin MacKenzie: Chiasmus (2008)

Featuring Julian Arguelles SAxophone, Aidan O’Donnel Bass , Alyn Cosker Drums

Laundry Room Music

Laundry Room Music 2004



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